About Us

Formed in 2009, GiSoft has been driven by a team of young and dynamic staff with an enthusiastic, bold and forward-looking attitude. Young age notwithstanding, the staff can boast of long experience and ample knowledge to meet the challenge of every single task. Programming is our central spotlight. We specialise in both desktop and web applications supporting small and big companies as well as individuals and public agencies.

GiSoft goes also beyond software development and provides its clients with comprehensive graphic visualisation of their companies along with own software instant solutions. We have been constantly seeking novel solutions which could facilitate our clients’ businesses.

Recently completed projects

  • Websites
    1. CMS
    2. CRM
    3. eCommerce
    4. Intranet
    5. Thematic services
    6. Web applications
    7. Portals
  • Software
    1. .Net
    2. Crystal Report
    3. Ms SQL Server
    4. MySQL
    5. UML
  • Monitoring
    1. Own solution
    2. Configurability
    3. Reliability
    4. Proper selection of cameras
    5. Professional installation
    6. Service
  • Type-settings
    1. Directories
    2. Leaflets, Brochures
    3. Business cards